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Unique Blends

Founder and spice curator Colleen Walters travels every corner of the world to discover authentic flavors. She then develops every unique blend to add depth and cultural appeal to the flavour profiles of your food.

Dip Mixes

Every mix is refreshingly different! Plus, one generous jar of Dip Mix makes up to 20 cups of delicious dip. They’re perfect for non-dairy dips too when mixed with other unique ingredients.

Delectable Dukkahs

Dukkahs are Egyptian side dishes consisting of authentic herb, nut and spice mixtures typically used as dips with bread or in vegetables. Our one-of-a-kind, signature Dukkahs have become incredibly popular for their unique flavours, versatility and ease of use.

Couscous and Rice Blends

Whether in a soup, side dish or main course, your entire family will love these culturally-inspired blends!

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